Changing Lives Of Rural Girls With The HOPE PROJECT

Many young girls including teen mothers and persons with different abilities are left without HOPE because of extreme poverty and lack of many other opportunities .

Miss Ntidor Ama(Physically Challenge) busy cutting cloth

It is heartbreaking because , it comes with a lot of hardships and sufferings on society. It leads to some form of psychological trauma which goes to affect their general wellbeing .

Miss Cynthia , has her eye 👁 fixed in measurement


It is for these and many other reasons that , Rural Smile Foundation came up with the HOPE PROJECT ( Vocational Training in sewing,hairdressing,etc ) for such category of vulnerable people in rural communities of Ghana 🇬🇭.

Through the support of many individuals , this dream is now a reality. Many young girls at risk including teen mothers are now full of HOPE because they found help from the Rural Smile Foundation.

Currently, we have over fifteen (15 ) beneficiaries of the HOPE PROJECT (sewing and hairdressing)

It is always a joy to see lives of many young girls at risk including teen mothers and persons with disability been changed through this project .

A testimony from one beneficiary has it “My life was without HOPE because my parents couldn’t afford apprenticeship fee as I dropped out of school . But now , I am happy 😃 learning sewing for free at the Rural Smile Foundation sewing center .”- Miss Mansura“


We are working to expand the HOPE PROJECT in order to cover many more young girls at risk and persons with disability.

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