EBI Ends Ghana 🇬🇭 Visit

Students from deprived communities do not have the luxury of connecting to the opportunities in Science , Technology,Engineering,Arts and Mathematics. As such , they are mostly not able to use it to solve complex problems in their local communities .


With Students at the lab


Team work

It is the reason why Expanding Boundaries International (EBI) is on a mission to provide access and opportunities for kids in reprieved communities around the world to appreciate and tune their mindset towards pursuing careers in this sector and to be able to solve complex problems of the world especially that if their local communities.

Set up of Battery car by kids


After engaging beneficiary students in Ejura/ Sekyedumase with virtual interaction, the team decided to visit and engage the kids physically and also be able to connect and understand how the kids are doing on the STEAM Project .


On Sunday ,27th June,2021 , the EBI team arrived at Ejura from USA for the beginning of engagement.


On Monday,28th June,2021 , the team met with the kids from Rural Smile Foundation, Betenase JHS, Ejura RC JHS , instructors/teachers and volunteers to officially engage with both kids and their teachers as well the volunteers. There were series of activities thta the kids were taken through together with their teachers and the volunteers.

The activities includes involving the kids in how to assemble battery cars ,etc This activity exposed the kids in Team work and how they identify and can solve complex problems .

There was also a meet up session with kids , parents and community leaders as part of the engagement with some seasoned Educators in the STEAM field in USA ,UK ,etc to talk to the kids about their experiences and how they got in .



The kids were also taken on an educational trip to the Kumasi Technical University Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department to learn about what it takes to pursue Engineering .

The one week long trip ended on 3rd July with Health Screening for the people of Ejura in collaboration of OKB Foundation .

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