Miss Roselyn Osaah Sarfowaah

Winner of 2019 Rural Smile Foundation Essay Competition writes on Women Empowerment:


Miss Roselyn Osaah Sarfowaa is 15years old and a former student of St. Adelaide School in Ejura-Ashanti in Ghana 🇬🇭. She has just completed her Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) and awaiting her results. She is passionate about women empowerment as she believes it is through that the world can see many great changes .she has won the Rural Smile Foundation Essay Writing ✍️ competition in 2018 when she was in Junior High School Form 2 and 2019. Miss Roselyn dreams of becoming a neurosurgeon in future. At her leisure time , she likes to read and write.

Below is her Article:


Women empowerment is the act of empowering women to take their own decisions for their personal development as well as social development. Empowering of a woman would mean encouraging the woman to be self-reliant, independent,have positive self-esteem,generate confidence to face any difficult situation and incite active participation in various social-political development endeavors.

In the acient times, women were treated very badly by family and community.They were not given education and were the only restricted to doing household chores. They were kept unmindful of their rights and development. Women make up more than half of the country so,in order to make the country an entirely powerful and efficient, women empowerment is very necessary. There are various ways in which one can empower women. Individuals and the government must come together to make this change happen.

Girl-child education must be provided judiciously. Education for girls must be made compulsory so that women can become literate and make a life for themselves. The education provided for women will make them proficient and earn a living for themselves and their families.

Also, women must be recognizable at everywhere they may find themselves. They must be given equal opportunities in every field, irrespective of gender. They must be given the chance to exhibit their skills and talents.

Miss Roselyn Osaah Sarfowaah on extreme left in Yellow and Black Uniform with finalist in 2018

Women can also be empowered by eliminating early child marriages, which is commonly practiced in villages. Various programs must be conducted where they can be given the ability to defend themselves in case they face such difficulties.
Most importantly, the shame of divorce and abuse must be aborted.

Many women stay in abusive relationships because of the fear of society. Parents must teach their daughters it is okay to come home divorced rather than in a casket.

Women empowerment will only be achieved when there is attitudinal change in society with regard to women, treating them with respect, dignity, fairness and equality.
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Miss Roselyn Osaah Sarfowaah with her colleagues as she receives her Award in 2019



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