Ghana 🇬🇭 is the first country in sub sahara-Africa to attain independence from the British on 6th March 1957 . Since then , Ghana 🇬🇭,like many other countries in the world , has set aside 6th March in every year to celebrate independence.


There has been wide range of views as to how resources are spent in such celebrant the detriment of the poor indigenous people.

Others argue that , through its celebration,the people who fought to gain independence for Ghana 🇬🇭 are rather been recognized. For there’s a saying that “ a nation that does not recognize its heroes is not worth dying for “

It is in light of the above and many others that , Rural Smile Foundation and the Anchor Foundation came together to organize Debate competition among Junior High School Students in the Ejura /Sekyedumase District on the motion : “ GHANA’S INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATION IS IRRELEVANT “


The essence is to allow these students to articulate their views , build the confidence of these young children as well as enhancing their public speaking skills.

The Municipal Director of Education,Mr . Patrick Ofori praised the organizers for such an impactful program and admonished teachers , students and other stakeholders to be fully ready and take part in such beautiful events as this will help enhance the performance of the students. He also call on organizers to make this an annual event .




The representative of the Municipal Chief Executive,Mr . Opia Mensah also outline policies and programs of the Municipal Assembly to enhance education.

Also in Attendance was the Municipal Commnader of Police , who was there , admonished the students to be discipline as that will make them good future leaders of the world .

The Executive Director for Rural Smile Foundation, Mr. Abubakar Saddique also spoke about the importance of such events to academic performance. He called on organizations ,philanthropist to support such programs.

Mr . Adams Hussein , the Executive Director for Anchor Foundation was optimistic that,this intervention and many others will help sustain the gains Made in the education sector.



The judges are NanaYaw Amponsah Aduakye Romeo, Mr. Addo and Mr. Duut who are all English Language Teachers at Ejuraman Senior High School.


First Contest:

1. Haramain Sharafain JHS – Speaking For the Motion

2. Ejura Model JHS – Speaking Against the Motion


Second Contest:

1. Ejuraman Complex JHS – Speaking For the Motion

2. Ihya-au-deen JHS – Speaking Against the Motion


At the end of the program, Here are the scores:

The following are unanimous decision from the judges in the 2020 Independence debate competition for Junior High Schools in Ejura/Sekyedumase.

1. Ejuraman Complex- 326

2. Ejura Model JHS- 314

3. Ihya-au-deen JHS 249

4. Haramain Sharafain 225

Welldone to our young great debaters and congratulations 🎊🎉🍾🎈 to Ejuraman Complex for winning the 2020 debate competition.


3 thoughts on “Ejuraman Educational Complex wins 2020 Independence Debate at Ejura

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